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Usman Fazli


A native New Yorker, born in Queens and raised in Long Island, Mr. Fazli, has a solid history of studying and practicing the law. Not only did he earn his law degree from a rigorous law school, but also earned his bachelor’s degree in legal studies, which was focused on multi-level examinations of the law. While juggling full-time and demanding jobs, he aggressively and successfully finished full-time college and full-time law school, which is an uncommon route among majority of lawyers.

Prior to starting his legal career, Mr. Fazli worked on Wall Street in the finance and investment industry. Armed with more than 21 years of high-quality legal experience, Mr. Fazli has amassed an extensive legal background as an associate with law firms in Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

He has successfully managed and assisted law firms in numerous jurisdictions with complex cases. Although his forte and specialty is personal injury, he has also worked on matters in medical malpractice, admiralty/maritime, family law, intellectual property, consumer rights, real estate, landlord/tenant, employment law, contract law and bankruptcy.

Mr. Fazli is licensed to practice in the state courts of Massachusetts, Connecticut and United States District Court of Massachusetts and Southern District of Texas.

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