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The criminal defense attorneys of Friedman, Framme & Thrush, P.A., put every effort into defending their clients diligently and protecting the rights afforded to citizens by the United States Constitution. Whether an individual is wrongfully accused of committing a crime, or in need of mitigation in order to keep penalties as minimally invasive as possible, we can help.  Our attorneys appear in most jurisdictions in Maryland, the Richmond, Virginia metro area as well as the District of Columbia.  We pride ourselves on obtaining the best possible results for our clients. From assault, DUI and other jailable traffic issues, peace and protection orders, juvenile matters involving your children, to the most difficult of criminal charges, our clients have experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated attorneys focused on obtaining their best result.  For more information or to contact an attorney about retaining us to take on your legal battle, call (410) 559-9000 or email

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