Criminal Defense

A criminal charge can be a life altering event. Whether you or a loved one have been wrongfully accused of committing a crime, or in need of legal representation to keep penalties as minimally invasive as possible, we can help. A criminal charge can result in jail time, financial penalties and may have life long term implications on employment, family and finances.

From assault, DUI and other jailable traffic issues, peace and protection orders, juvenile matters involving your children, to the most difficult of criminal charges, our clients have experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated attorneys focused on obtaining their best result. 


DUI charges are serious and can have lasting legal and financial implications. You need a DUI defense attorney to help you through the process. In Virginia, a first time DUI and DWI are punishable by up to a year in jail and fine between $250 and $2,500. You could also lose your driver’s license for at least one year, be placed on probation and require alcohol education.  In Maryland, a similar charge can carry a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. If a minor is in the vehicle, fines and jail time may be doubled. Penalties for repeat offenders increase dramatically. It is critical to have a lawyer experienced in DUI and DWI defense.

Drug Possession and Distribution

Most arrests and criminal charges brought against individuals in the United States are for drug possession. Small variations in those charges can mean the difference between possession and distribution, which can severely impact bail, jail time, fines and other aspects of sentencing. An experienced attorney can help you fight charges, or if necessary, negotiate a better sentence. It is critical to have an attorney experienced in defense for drug possession and distribution charges. Proper representation can mean the difference between thousands of dollars in fines and years in jail. Contact us today to speak with a criminal defense attorney.

Weapons Offenses

Criminal charges involving a firearm or even the illegal possession of a firearm can carry stiff penalties. If you have a criminal record those charges can escalate still further. It is critical to retain an attorney who can mount a vigorous legal defense on your behalf. If you have been charged with a crime involving a weapon, call Friedman, Framme & Thrush to speak with one of our attorneys.

Other Types of Criminal Charges

There are a wide range of potential criminal charges in Maryland, Virginia and DC. It is important to have an attorney on your side to ensure your legal rights are protected.

We defend clients on charges including:

– Arson
– Assault
– Domestic Violence
– Financial Crimes
– Harassment
– Robbery
– Malicious Wounding
– Prostitution

At Friedman, Framme & Thrush, P.A., our criminal defense attorneys put every effort into defending their clients diligently and protecting the rights afforded to them by the United States Constitution.  Our attorneys appear in most jurisdictions in Maryland, the Richmond, Virginia metro area as well as the District of Columbia.  We pride ourselves on obtaining the best possible results for our clients.  For more information or to contact an attorney about retaining us to take on your legal battle, call (410) 559-9000 or email

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