Elder Care and Estate Planning

Life is demanding. It is filled with years of hard work, ups and downs, loves and losses. Age, with its knowledge and understanding, is proof of survival and accomplishment. It deserves to be rewarded. However, often the elderly are not celebrated, but manipulated. Their estate goes unprotected, their plans go unheard, and their health is compromised. In order to fully protect themselves and their wishes, seniors need the help of an elder care law firm.

An elder care law firm should support its clients in several ways. First, it should be focused on the goal of helping seniors maintain control. Their wishes in regards to their home, money and medical care should be protected. The elderly have the right to live their final years as they choose.

Secondly, a law office focused on elder care should see the importance of protecting the loved ones that are left in charge of care, decision-making, or to simply to grieve and continue living. The elderly leave behind more than an estate, they leave behind family and friends that a core part of their lives. They want to continue to support them even when they are no longer able.

In order to help the elderly maintain control and ease the burden of their loved ones, an elder law firm should also be able to explain medical options. The right attorney will be well versed in the language, paperwork and requirements of Medicare, Medicaid and long-term healthcare programs.

The complications of all parts of estate planning and other protective measures are burdens most cannot bear on their own. An estate-planning attorney will have the knowledge and tools to answer the questions and help a senior make the right decisions based on his wishes and not confused and weak legal actions based on inaccurate information or the manipulations of others.

The number one reason seniors should seek a senior-focused legal office is for relief. The attorneys at Friedman, Framme & Thrush can help establish a complete plan that protects their life decisions, assets and loved ones. The relief offered by a caring and knowledgeable estate-planning attorney will allow a senior to enjoy a carefree life.

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